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My LiveJournal Advisory Board Platform

As all of you already here know, I am running for the User-Representative seat on the LiveJournal Advisory Board. We have been asked to answer a standard set of questions, which are below.

First of all before I get to the questions I want to be open about who I am. I run a popular website named InsaneJournal. It is based on the open source software that LiveJournal is built upon. I am very popular among the users of InsaneJournal for being open about the issues the site has had and about the places I intend to bring the site. I do admit that I have some selfish reasons for wanting to be on the board. I want the open source engine the site is built on to be better maintained and to bring the open source community back into developing for it. I see this having benefits for not only all of the sites based on the LiveJournal open source engine, but for LiveJournal itself.

1) What do you think is the value of LJ?
LiveJournal serves as a great place for individuals to express themselves and communicate with their friends. It makes it easy for everyone to be able to have a place on the internet without having to learn what is involved in hosting your own blog.

2) What changes would you like to see LJ make in the next year?
I would like to see LiveJournal become more transparent in the way it does business. LiveJournal needs to listen to its users when it comes to what features are desired.

3) Why do you want to be the elected representative?
I want to bring openness to the way thing are done at LiveJournal. I think my experience running a website in this manner will be invaluable to opening up LiveJournal.

4) What do you think are the community's greatest concerns?
I think communication is number one and solving the communication problem. Solving that will allow all of the other issues to fix themselves. If LiveJournal is able to open up a meaningful two way dialogue with its users, they will know what the users want and will be able to deliver it to them. The users will also feel more comfortable knowing what is going on and what will be going on in the future.

These questions answered. I want to open the post as a dialogue for questions any of you still have for me.

Also since this election is being done in instant-runoff fashion, I want to let everyone here know that I also support rm as a candidate in this election.
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